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Disability Benefits Counseling

Disability benefits from the State of Maryland, and Social Security such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income, can be critical to opening doors to housing, job support, medical benefits and lifelong independence. The Arc of Montgomery County can partner with you and your family members to manage and enhance those benefits.

Unfortunately, disability benefits are complex, illogical and disconnected from one another. The absence of a reported problem does not mean that a problem does not exist. State and federal benefits are not coordinated together and a change in income or resources may affect more than one benefit. You may even have the impression that you cannot work and receive benefits at the same time.

Learn how working and receiving benefits can increase your income and be a good fit.

Social Security

If you qualify for a Social Security disability benefit, you may receive cash payments and medical coverage under Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or a Title II benefit like Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), or both. Each program has different rules whether you are working or not. However, both programs have work incentives to encourage you to earn more money, or even work off of your benefit. Some of these incentives include extended medical coverage or easy reinstatement of your benefit.

ABLE Accounts

Maryland ABLE (Achieving A better Life Experience) accounts are an innovative way for people with disabilities to save money without jeopardizing federal, state, or local means tested benefits. Learn more at

ABLE account holders can contribute up to $15,000 per year (2019) and keep up to $100,000 in savings without jeopardizing their SSI, Maryland Medicaid and other benefits. Eligible funds in an ABLE Account are not subject to the Maryland Medicaid “Payback” provisions and may provide a Maryland State income tax deduction of up to $2,500.

For more information or a free benefits review, contact John Shatto, Certified Disability Benefits Counselor, 301.984.5777 x2227.