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For Adults

Employment & Meaningful Day Services

Supported Employment

Work is an integral part of adult life and The Arc supports adults with disabilities by providing employment opportunities, vocational counseling and career development. These services are designed to enhance each individual's abilities and skills, allowing them to work as independently as possible in the community.  Trained job coaches monitor each worker's performance and serve as intermediaries with employers to help workers succeed on the job and to resolve concerns before they become workplace issues. Some examples of work assignments include custodial and lawn care, commercial grounds maintenance, packaging and assembly, and warehouse services.

Community Volunteer & Recreational Opportunities

Community volunteer opportunities provide adults with disabilities with resume-building experience and a chance to try different types of work. Volunteers are generally paired with other non-profit agencies in Montgomery County and may be engaged in supporting senior citizens or administrative work.

Inclusive community-based recreational experiences are also available. Adults with disabilities participate in activities based on their interests and preferences, including visits to museums, theaters, and sporting events. They may join walking/running clubs or other groups, all focused on creating connections with other people in their community.

Active Retirement

Seniors with disabilities can participate in various community-based activities each weekday with the support of a senior activity coach. These activities support their transition from the workplace and work-related activities to retirement and senior living activities. The Arc Montgomery County focuses on maximizing existing community resources and facilitating connections to seniors without disabilities, which is key to the program's success.

Additional Information

  • Hours and locations vary.
  • Individuals must reside in Montgomery County
  • Individuals must apply to the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration for eligibility and funding approval.
  • Currently, The Arc is not accepting new admissions who require 1:1 supports

For more information, contact Employment & Meaningful Day Services, 301.984.5777 x2232.