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Employee Wage Initiative

We truly believe that our employees are key to fulfilling our mission and we have been consistently working over the past three years to find ways to demonstrate our confidence in them and to show appreciation for their incredibly challenging work. 

We know that employee compensation must increase in order to retain current employees and to attract new employees, which is why our Board of Directors unanimously approved a wage increase and bonus plan. 

All service delivery positions, including Direct Support Professionals, Teachers and Front-Line Supervisors, plus other hourly positions, received a 10% wage increase effective December 5, 2021.  This is a permanent, not performance-based increase.

All senior managers and other administrative support positions received a 5% bonus (not performance-based), and have the opportunity to earn another 5% bonus (performance-based) in June, 2022.

This $1.2 million plan reflects the Board’s commitment to fairly compensating employees who carry some of the heaviest workloads, and to addressing wage compression and incentivizing managers and leaders.

This plan doesn’t solve the problem of generally low wages in the human services field, but it is a good-faith effort to improve compensation at The Arc Montgomery County. 

We are investing in our employees today, because we hope they will invest in The Arc Montgomery County and build a better future for people with and without disabilities!