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Board Committees

Board Committees are small groups of staff and volunteers, led by a Chair who also serves on the Board of Directors.  These committees help to guide the mission of the agency by engaging in areas such as planning, budgeting, policy making, etc.  They are tasked with sharing their conclusions and recommendations with the Board of Directors for final decision, and relating their work to the full membership as requested.  

Finance Committee
Members assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibility with oversight of the financial condition of The Arc Montgomery County.  This committee reviews and makes recommendations on the annual budget proposals, monthly operating financials, fiscal policies, capital assets and projects, annual audits, investments, IRS Form 990 and various insurance coverage.  The committee ensures that The Arc’s accounting systems are compliant with GAAP and GAAS. 

Governance Committee
Members pursue strategic actions that address key elements of overall Board of Directors development and operations, including identification, cultivation and recruitment of potential Board members; Board member orientation/continuing education; and development of the agenda for the annual Board retreat.  The committee also solicits nominations for the Board and Board Committees and annually prepares a slate of officers and directors for presentation to the membership for election. 

Information Technology Committee
Members promote the use of technology to increase efficiency of operations and to support staff and enhance service delivery.  This committee makes recommendations concern the acquisition, implementation, maintenance and upgrading of technologies to ensure a secure and robust infrastructure, and develops and updates strategic plans and goals for using information technology The Arc Montgomery County.

Public Policy Committee
Members coordinate and initiate efforts to advance and support legislation and other governmental actions that benefit people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, and which advance their human and legal rights.  This includes reviewing policies, regulations and laws, advocating for inclusive environments, and recommending positions and statements for The Arc Montgomery County.

Quality Assurance-Human Rights Committee
Members ensure that all policies, procedures, programs and activities of The Arc Montgomery County are consistent with the rights and dignity of people supported.  This includes promoting innovative, quality support services consistent with individual program requirements and reviewing complaints of human rights violations and actions taken to correct/remedy such violations.

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