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Strategic Planning

Voice of the Customer

At the core of our work is the people we support; it is only by listening to their voices that we can truly meet our mission.  

The Voice of the Customer work group will soon begin meeting to prepare recommendations.  If you are interested in joining this work group, please contact Deborah Mark, or 301.984.5777 x1245.

Goal 1—Empower people to have more input into and influence of making their own decisions

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Objective 1—Employees are educated on person-centered approach and offering choices
Objective 2—People supported have opportunities to participate in advocacy training

Goal 2—Cultivate deeper appreciation for people supported

Objective 1—People will establish and maintain personal relationships with others
Objective 2—Host biannual information sessions for entire MoCo community

If you would like to join a Strategic Plan work group, please contact Deborah Mark, or 301.984.5777 x1245.