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Our Mission & Goals

Our Mission

The Arc Montgomery County connects people of all ages and abilities with their communities to build inclusive and fulfilling lives.

Our Definition of Inclusion

All people are valued members of their communities with equal rights.  Everyone has the opportunity to make choices and construct a fulfilling life by developing mutual, authentic and lasting connections with other people.  Each individual is appreciated and celebrated for his or her abilities.

Our Goals

We Promote a Culture of Quality, providing excellent support services which allow a person to live the life he or she chooses.

  • We approach everything we do with a person-centered vision: we see the individual and respect each person’s autonomy and right to make choices.
  • We focus on effective communication so families and people supported understand the services we provide.
  • We strive to understand the needs of our community and work to diversify our services to meet those needs.

We Create a Culture of Innovation and respond to changing needs with new and creative approaches.  

  • We are driven to find new ways to move toward fully inclusive environments where meaningful engagement occurs. 
  • We utilize Assistive Technology to meet the needs of, enhance the lives of, and create opportunities for the people we support.
  • We are reaching out to new people and populations who would benefit from our quality services. 

We will Become the Employer of Choice, where employees feel valued and appreciated, and believe they are contributing in a way that changes people’s lives.

  • We believe that our employees effect positive change in people’s lives.  
  • We recruit qualified, dedicated staff and we offer competitive compensation and benefits packages. 
  • We will invest in our staff by offering top-notch training, leadership opportunities, and a career ladder for advancement.

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