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Strategic Planning

Support Beyond Caregiving

The people we support are hungry for new opportunities that build inclusive, meaningful lives in their communities, challenging current misconceptions.

The Support Beyond Caregiving work group will soon begin meeting to prepare recommendations.  If you are interested in joining this work group, please contact Deborah Mark, or 301.984.5777 x1245.

Goal 1—Intentionally focus on people instead of programs, expanding opportunities and lives

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Objective 1—All people supported will transition back into the community
Objective 2—People supported with experience a new community-based activity

Goal 2—Push ourselves and our communities to change the way we view and interact with people

Objective 1—Build relationships with five new community organizations each year
Objective 2—Generate excitement about The Arc's work

If you would like to join a Strategic Plan work group, please contact Deborah Mark, or 301.984.5777 x1245.