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Who We Are

Fast Facts

About Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

  • IDD includes diagnoses such as Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, fetal alcohol syndrome, brain injury and more

  • Intellectual and developmental disabilities are caused by genetics, problems in pregnancy or at delivery, birth defects, health problems (diseases, malnutrition, environmental toxins), and trauma

  • One in 10 Montgomery County households includes a child or adult with IDD

  • Thousands of people with IDD in Maryland are on a waiting list for basic support services

About The Arc Montgomery County

  • Local chapter of The Arc, the largest organization in the world for people with IDD and their families

  • Non-governmental, nonprofit agency in Montgomery County with an annual operating budget of approximately $27 million and approximately 400 employees

  • Provider of support services to over 1,100 children, youth, adults, seniors, and their families

  • Funded by federal, state and local governmental agencies (including DDA, DHMH, SSA, MSDE), donations, and fee-for-service payments

Our Programs and Services

  • Fully-inclusive child care for children ages 6 weeks-10 years with and without disabilities and special medical needs

  • After-school and summer care for youth ages 11-21

  • Community living support for adults living in the family home, living independently or living in one of 30+ residential locations supported by The Arc

  • Work skills training and other employment-related services for adults and youth transitioning from high school

  • Active options for retirees and senior citizens with IDD

  • Respite coordination (short-term relief for primary caregivers of children/adults with disabilities and frail senior citizens living in the same household)