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Did you know that employees with disabilities have lower absenteeism, higher retention rates and equal or better job performance than people without disabilities, especially in high turnover or entry-level positions? 

The Arc Montgomery County's workforce solutions creates customized and innovative solutions to optimize your staffing needs, helping reduce costs, improve productivity and increasing profits. Your business receives pre-screened, well-qualified work team members, each of whom has completed an assessment to match his/her ability to the job requirements. On-site job training is provided by skilled, professional mentors, who continue to develop and monitor team member skills and production.  

Your contract fee or rate is negotiated in advance and there is no additional charge for the mentor’s support. In addition, no time or money is spent on advertising positions and interviewing potential staff, plus there is no additional paperwork or processing for the business (payroll/employment documents).

In today’s business world, employees are pressed to be continually productive and are often assigned numerous, sometimes unrelated, job tasks. The Arc can help your business develop a more cost-effective and efficient approach by carving out tasks that are vital to business operations. Certain duties from one or more existing jobs can be combined and more efficiently completed by The Arc’s work team. This allows current employees to focus on higher priority, time sensitive duties.

The Arc’s employment partners include private businesses, nonprofit organizations and even the county, state, and federal governments. Our qualified, industrious work teams will diversify your workforce while minimizing absenteeism and boosting your “bottom line.”  Let us move your business from thinking disability to thinking ability.

For more information, contact Employment & Meaningful Day Services, or 301.984.5777 x2232.